Custom Mirrors Sydney

custom mirrors sydney

If its mirror walls, bathroom mirrors, gym mirrors or even mirror replacement such as a broken robe door, CHR has the answer in Sydney.

Mirror Sizes

Firstly you must consider the purpose of the mirror to determine the size required. Whether it’s a full length mirror, floor to ceiling or simply a small wall mirror the size to effect the impact it has in your home or business. Obviously the area where the mirror is located will regulate its maximum size. Large frameless mirrors are effective in creating an illusion of space and makes an area look larger.

Bedroom Mirrors

The main function of a mirror in bedrooms is to provide a reflection to help dress yourself, apply makeup or do your hair. Many bedroom mirrors are located behind cupboard doors, on the back of entrance doors or on a small wall. Robe mirror doors are popular as they provide various functions.

Bathroom Mirrors

Most modern bathroom mirrors in Sydney are frameless to provide a feeling of space. Polished edges or bevelled edges are alternatives for any type of mirror. Large mirrors usually give an impression of style and elegance for any bathroom. Bathroom custom mirrors Sydney can make all the difference.

bathroom cabinet mirrors

Gym Mirrors

More and more people in Sydney are choosing the gym for fitness in their busy lives. Current trends show that many people are choosing to fit out their home or garage as a gym. This includes rubber flooring, weights and most importantly gym wall mirrors. These are mostly at least 6ft in height in the old imperial measurements. They are butted together to offer a continuous row of mirrors to enable vision during any exercise in the comfort of their home.

Mirror Replacement for Custom Mirrors Sydney

Accidents happen and sometimes mirrors can be broken. Typically the mirrors that are commonly broken are those that move, such as mirror wardrobe doors.

Mirror desilvering of bathroom cabinet doors is also a common problem. This is where a black edge along the edge of mirrors results from poorly ventilated wet areas.

CHR provide a fast replacement service throughout Sydney for this type of mirror replacement.

custom mirrors sydney